About Us

Who are we?

After more than 5 years of experience in the transport and logistics sector, Mr. Patrick Boketi founded FB Logistics on 5 June 2005.

Thanks to this experience and his knowledge of business managers, plus a carefully selected staff, FB Logistics has succeeded in attaining an excellent position in this highly competitive market.

Today, FB Logistics includes a number of major firms among its clientele, such as : SchenkerLogistics, TNT Express, UPS Belgium, TNT Post, BansardBelgium, Expeditors, AVIA Partner, Lynden Int. WFS, Röhlig, All Freight Logistics, CEVA Logistics, etc…


The success and growth of FB Logistics are the result of our disciplined approach to our work and our respect for and compliance with internal working practices drawn up and accepted by everybody.

We chose this approach because of the importance that we attach to ensuring optimum collegiality while working on the future of our company.

Since its establishment FB Logistics has adhered to the motto of ‘dedicated customer friendliness’, which translates into arranging our work efficiently and staffing our sites properly to meet time demands.

  • Acting on customers’ wishes
  • Displaying interest and being aware of the services of our partners
  • Going the extra mile for the customer
  • Taking time to listen to and answer questions from the customer
  • Resolving complaints quickly and accurately
  • Ascertaining whether services were offered properly in terms of place and time
  • Ensuring the correct and clear preparation of documents
  • Speaking positively about our partners
  • Putting the customer first, always
  • Ensuring impeccable appearance
  • Assuring the general neatness of vehicles
  • Organising and coordinating to avoid or limit loss of time
  • Leveraging our great experience in the sector
  • A competent, dedicated team, always at your service
  • A varied and complete vehicle fleet
  • Great flexibility
  • Expedited services (departure within an hour is possible)
  • Efficient logistics platform
  • Perseverance in rationalising our activities
  • Strategic geographical location
  • Complete services for an all-embracing approach



One of our core activities is the provision of storage facilities.

We have a storage space of 1500m2 in the Machelen-Diegem area and a second storage space of 1200m2 in the Kortrijk area both for short and long storage.

Our warehouses are protected round the clock by alarm systems and camera surveillance.

  • An extensive, reliable distribution network
  • Flexibility, productivity and professionalism
  • Storage and warehousing
  • We can receive your goods in any way you like, including container, trailer or courier. We take care of the loading/unloading, order picking, palletising, re-stacking and/or film-covering according to your wishes.

Value Added Logistics

After storage your goods will often require one or more operations before they can be sent out.

Value Added Services that we provide include:

  • picking
  • packing
  • labelling
  • sorting

We also regularly load and tranship lorries for customers who do not have their own warehouse and/or loading/unloading bays. For this purpose we have specially equipped cross-dock zones, while our experienced warehousemen will make sure that your products leave our warehouses exactly on time, if necessary just in time.

FB Logistics adapts all its activities to the wishes of its customers.

Logo of Certification

IATA CEIV helps the industry to improve the transport and handeling of pharmaceutical products

  • Certificate 1
  • Certificate 2

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